HEMP MATS – Whats does GSM mean?

GSM is a measure of the weight of a fabric per unit area and is commonly used in the textile industry to determine the thickness and quality of fabrics. When it comes to hemp mats, GSM is used to express the weight and density of the hemp fibers in the mat.

Hemp mats can vary in GSM depending on their intended use and manufacturing process. A higher GSM indicates a denser and thicker mat, while a lower GSM implies a lighter and less dense mat. Higher GSM hemp mats are often more durable and suitable for heavy-duty applications, while lower GSM mats may be more appropriate for lightweight or decorative purposes.

For specific applications, different GSM ranges might be preferred. For example, heavy-duty industrial hemp mats for erosion control or weed suppression may have a higher GSM, while yoga mats or decorative hemp rugs may have a lower GSM.

When purchasing hemp mats, understanding the GSM can give you a better idea of the mat’s quality and its intended use. However, other factors like the weave pattern, finish, and overall construction also play a significant role in determining the mat’s performance and suitability for different purposes.

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