Biodegradable seedling mats

There are various biodegradable seedling mats, differentiating in price, and quality and material. One of the best biodegradable seedling mats are hemp mats, due to its high water retention capabilities, there are for example jute mats, which are very cheap, but cant retain any water, so overall, will be more costly taking into account the extended watering period.

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Microgreen hemp mat

Microgreen mats, one of the most popular and best working material is hemp, why? Because hemp simply offers by far the best water absorption capabilities. Additionally its grown in Europe, where its also directly manufactured in German factories, which ensures a very high certification standard and quality. Also this leads to very short transportation ways contrary to Asia, and brings down the overall costs of the material.

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Grow mats for microgreens

Our hemp fibers are 100% natural (no pesticides, no insecticide, no irrigation) and with no negative impact on the environment, and therefore could be used in your products. Our hemp is produced and processed in France only, and thanks to an integrated industrial expertise, we are able to produce different qualities of hemp fibers according to our customers’ needs for use in textile, paper (Fiduciary, Special, Bible, Cigarette, Packaging…), composite, automotive, plastic reinforcement…

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