Best growing mats for microgreens

There are virtually three growing mediums for Microgreens:

  • Burlap Microgreen
  • Coco Microgreen
  • Hemp Microgreen


Burlap, is popular because of its very cheap price. However, a cheap price comes with a cost, the material may be cheap, but it will also be noticed in the growth process, which is poor because the material is very thin, which will lead to extended growth time of the plant, which then results in poor yield

Coco Microgreen

Coco Microgreens are similar to Hemp microgreens. However, its often grown and produced in countries, where chemical and origin composition are not well known . Hence certification is difficult and transportation might be very expensive.


Hemp is often produced in Europe, with very high certification standards. Also water absorption capabilities are superior.

Best growing mats for microgreens

To conclude which of the three is the most ideal growing mat for microgreen: It ought to be hemp, because of its very high water absorption standard, certification and high quality production location in Germany or Europe.

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