Hemp Mats: The Quick and Efficient Choice for Microgreen Cultivation

When it comes to cultivating microgreens, the choice of growing medium can significantly impact your success. Among the popular options, coco mats and hemp mats stand out as go-to choices for many microgreen enthusiasts. Both have their merits, but hemp mats have emerged as a time-saving marvel with several advantages over their coco counterparts.

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Green Magic Unleashed: The Art of Cultivating Hemp Microgreen Mats

Once upon a time in a small, eco-conscious community nestled in the heart of a bustling city, there was a group of avid gardeners who stumbled upon a remarkable secret that would change the way they grew their own greens forever. It was a discovery that not only offered a sustainable and eco-friendly way to grow microgreens but also unlocked a world of culinary delight. This was the tale of how to use and grow hemp microgreen mats.

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Microgreen mats wholesale

We understand the needs of businesses seeking top-notch microgreen solutions at wholesale quantities. With two decades of experience in the industry, we take pride in offering high-quality hemp microgreen mats at competitive wholesale prices. Our mats, designed to revolutionize microgreen cultivation, find versatile uses across culinary, health, and aesthetic domains. Crafted from organic hemp fibers, these mats ensure a natural and toxin-free growing medium, all without the need for adhesives that could compromise the purity of your microgreens. Thanks to our deep expertise and longstanding presence in the market, we are able to provide superior pricing on our exceptional wholesale hemp microgreen mats, making us your reliable partner in microgreen success.

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Microgreen Mats for Hotels and Restaurants

Increasing and growing demand from the hospitality industry to diversify away from traditional supply chains, have let to new custom made mats in order to specifically target this industry. Especially in Europe the supply chains are very insecure, fragile and increasingly more expensive. If your industry requires also custom made Mats, Rolls, etc. we happy to advice.

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Hemp Mats, what can you grow with?

  • Red radish Microgreen
  • Basil Microgreen
  • Borage Microgreen
  • Garlic chives Microgreen
  • Mustard Microgreen
  • Nasturtium Microgreen
  • Red basil Microgreen
  • Rocket Microgreen
  • Radish Microgreen
  • Pea shoots Microgreen
  • Shiso (Red Perilla)
  • Broccoli Microgreen
  • Red amaranth Microgreen

This just a few examples of very successful and sustainable growing with microgreens, where Hemp mats are most adequate and successful

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Microgreen hemp mat

Microgreen mats, one of the most popular and best working material is hemp, why? Because hemp simply offers by far the best water absorption capabilities. Additionally its grown in Europe, where its also directly manufactured in German factories, which ensures a very high certification standard and quality. Also this leads to very short transportation ways contrary to Asia, and brings down the overall costs of the material.

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