Finished cuts for Microgreen seed trays 1010 and 1020 – never cut rolls again!

Great news for all growers who grow the microgreens in the practical and versatile 1010 and 1020 seed trays. Ready-made cuts for the trays are now available. The time-consuming cutting of roll goods has come to an end and the time can be used for cultivation, sales and customer acquisition. Different sizes of the blanks can also be used together in one tray. This creates flexibility in cultivation and the variety of sprouts in a tray.

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Biodegradable seedling mats

There are various biodegradable seedling mats, differentiating in price, and quality and material. One of the best biodegradable seedling mats are hemp mats, due to its high water retention capabilities, there are for example jute mats, which are very cheap, but cant retain any water, so overall, will be more costly taking into account the extended watering period.

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