Sample Price USD 40 to 80

The sample price of USD 40 to USD 80, depending on global location, will be reimbursed once an order is placed.

The sample price consists of following items:

  • EU certified Coco & Hemp Mats
  • Manufacturer in Germany
  • Preparation of sample, local post drop off.

Since we are the manufacturer, and distribute only large quantities, a sample preparation is a labour intensive task.

Low quantity requirement Mats and rolls are available cheaper online, but be aware that there is a middle man involved. You may get a sample cheap, but for large ordres will pay much more.

The middleman can only offer you cheap sample costs, because his offer for large volume will me more expensive than from us the factory.

If you expect to place larger orders, it will be worthwile to pay the sample costs as later on you will be offered factory prices.